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Betz Baking

Beth-Ann Betz
W. Chesterfield, NH
(603) 256-8625

From her New Hampshire kitchen, Beth-Ann Betz bakes fine hand-made ethnic pastries. Experience individually hand-rolled Jewish rugelach cookies and traditional Middle Eastern shortbread-like ma'amoul cookies filled with natural fruits and nuts.

From SevenDaysVT:

Owner Beth-Ann Betz managed the New England Bach Festival for years until it folded, when she turned her hand to baking. Not standard-issue baking, either: Her kiosk is stocked with slightly offbeat eats such as plum torte, pistachio ma’amoul and a buttery, cinnamony rugelach that writer Marian Burros praised in 2007 as “quintessential” and the “ideal homemade rugelach.” Betz’s chilled fruit soup—made with plums, cherries and more—also has a cult following. As she sells a quart to customer (and songwriter) Brad Bailey, he hands over verses that he wrote in its praise: “Fruit soup, or Ben & Jerry’s... / I just decided cherries / It’s not that I lack luster / My health I will not muster / When wanting something cool / Fruit soup will be the rule.”

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