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Cai's Dim Sum Teahouse
& Catering

Cai Xi and Adam Silver
Brattleboro, VT 
(802) 257-7898

Cai’s Dim Sum Teahouse and Catering, a gateway to southern Vermont in West Brattleboro, provides unique authentic dishes with vegetarian wheat-free and gluten-free options and an emphasis on local ingredients.

Cai’s Dim Sum Teahouse offers catering for meetings, reunions, retreats, workshops, and other gatherings with Chinese art and culture themed activities as an option. We can accommodate groups from 6 to 50 or more—please inquire with us regarding your needs. With advance notice we can also arrange a take-out order and pick-up with you throughout the month.

C X Silver Gallery’s Dim Sum Teahouse also offers a variety of workshops, which can be incorporated into party packages for birthdays, reunions, or other events and meetings for families, organizations and corporations.



Dim Sum (Cantonese)

Dian Xin (Mandarin)

Dian … touching (a dab, the way a brush touches the paper with ink)

Xin … heart… the meal that nourishes

Dian also means: little, small,… smallness, as the essence of sensation.

Xin also means: the center of the plate.

Dian Xin (Dim Sum): the variety of small dishes.


SevendaysVT Magazine featured Cai’s Dim Sum as the “Far East Feast” in their survey of Brattleboro eateries. Thank you, Hannah Palmer Eagan!

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