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Circle Mountain Farm

Amy Frost 
Guilford, VT
(802) 258-0600
We love growing food!


Growing food, medicine and working on this land in a sustainable way is much of the work that we do as activists.  We are able to be a support to a larger community of movement building with food and with this land for gathering, teaching and retreat.  


Growing food is a means of self-empowerment; one connects with their food system, connects with the earth and feeds oneself. This is simple and grounding. We are participating in building a smaller, more localized, more just food system by cooperating with other growers, food and social justice activists and the people we feed.  We all support each other in our efforts.  We are fed and inspired by the crucial work that so many others do. Let's Collaborate!

We strive to nurture and maintain the natural ecology of the land. We are always working to build better soil health with practices. We do this by using farm-made compost from our plant materials and chicken manure or food scraps we pick up from Guilford Elementary School's compost program. We use minimal tillage on our fields; most beds haven't been tilled for years and are only hand-tool cultivated, preserving soil structure and encouraging micro and larger organisms to thrive.


Although we are not certified organic, we identify as being a NO-SPRAY farm and do not use synthetics (even organic ones). 


We purchase seed from small farms and businesses, as much as possible.  We DO NOT buy seeds from multinationals participating in genetically modifying food.

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