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Lone Wolf Cheese

Susan and Barry O'Dwyer
Harrisville, NH
(603) 827-3579

Freedom Farm is our little 1.5 acre dairy farm in Chesham Village of Harrisville, NH. On Saturdays, at The Brattleboro Farmers’ Market, you can sample our wonderful variety of Farmstead Artisanal Cheeses.  From whole wheels straight from our cave, we will cut you a wedge of cheese whatever size you want.

We have one Jersey cow named Heidi. Twice each day I hand milk her and use her sweet creamy raw whole milk to produce our many Farmstead Artisanal cheeses. We age English Cheddar, Scottish Cheddar, Baby Swiss, Gouda, Canestrato, Alpine Tomme, French Farmstead, and Bonnie Clabber in our wooden shelved temperature and humidity controlled cheese cave. Many other cheeses will show up at our Brattleboro Farmers’ Market booth as we are always exploring with new cheeses for you to enjoy.

From hand milking our sweet Jersey cow, Heidi, to the final pampering on our wooden shelved cheese cave, our Farmstead Artisan Cheeses are hand crafted with love one wheel at a time to bring out the natural flavor only a true farmstead cheese can epitomize.

We are all one on this little planet. There are more and more of us daily.  We can corral the animals, automate the fields, and mass produce our food or we can all strive to help sustain the elegance and natural heritage of our local small farms and farm markets.

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