Allison Korn Designs

Allison Korn
Brattleboro, VT
(802) 490-0687

Hi! I’m Allison Korn Designs, formerly Roots in Silver. I make fine silver jewelry out of metal clay with reclaimed/recycled silver in my studio in Brattleboro, Vermont. My hope is that the jewelry I make connects with your soul and helps you on your own journey.
I want my jewelry to help you find your roots, connect with the energy that flows around and through us, and give you wings. I believe my jewelry crosses paths with the people it is meant for, and supports them in the very specific and individual energetic ways they need at this point in their lives.
Each piece of jewelry that I make is an organic process and a part of me, inspired by life as I have experienced it. I handcraft each piece, either working free hand, carving my own molds, or imprinting the silver clay with organic materials that I find in nature, such as leaves, shells, or seeds.

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