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Shawn and Lucia Magee

Chai, or Masala tea, is a spiced beverage made by steeping cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, pepper, and black tea. In India, where the drink was born, it is served hot on nearly every street corner in thousands of different iterations, each unique to the wallahs (or vendors) who cook it.

Five years ago, Shawn and Lucia Magee met Neil Harley, wallah-in-chief of Chai-Wallah, at the Brattleboro farmer’s market. Long-time connoisseurs of this delicious beverage, they became regular customers and friends of Neil, declaring his chai recipe “the best (they) have ever had.” So, when Neil decided to hang up his chai pots and slip nobly into retirement, they jumped on the opportunity to take up the ladle and start pouring. They bring a new vitality, the same generous spirit, and some great recipes of their own to the farmer’s market community.

Chai is best made slowly, in a pot, with loose spices, a creamer (they prefer cow milk and coconut milk), and just enough sugar to balance the spices. It is a nutritious, enlivening drink sure to brighten any day and comfort a tender heart. It is a drink meant to be shared over kind conversation.

Chai-Wallah is a Vermont Certified Organic Producer using 100% organic spice and Fair Trade Organic Teas. They grind their spice in small batched to maintain freshness and potency.


797 Sunset Lake Rd., Brattleboro VT 05301
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