PLEASE NOTE: Due to the pandemic not all of our 2019 V endors are vending this year. Please check our SHOP LOCAL page for a list of current market vendors. Please feel free to contact vendors from this list as well as the Shop Local list.


We proudly present our 2019 vendors in alphabetical order by category.
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Agriculture Vendors

Vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, honey, maple, flowers, perennials, and more...

Linda Akaogi

Putney, VT

(802) 387-2540

Vegetables, fruit, perennials (specifically native wildflower plants)


Rachel & Andy Ware

Westminster, VT

(802) 463-2018

Offering fresh farmstead goat cheeses including a variety of chevres, neufchatels, and feta, as well as our goat milk caramel sauces "cajeta"

Amy Frost & Justin Nye

Guilford, VT

(802) 258-0600

No-spray vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, pesto, hot pepper jellies, pickles, eggs, vinegars

Jerry Smith and Susan Peters

4057 Hinesburg Road

Guilford, VT

(802)  254-3540

Cut flowers, maple syrup, berries, and honey

Paul, George Dutton

Newfane, VT

(802) 365-4168

Produce and baked goods

Malah & Read Miller

E. Dummerston, VT

(802) 254-9635

Organic fruit, vegetables, berries, meats, eggs, cider, vinegar, rootbeer, fruit pies, maple, jams, preserves, pickles

Matthew Crowley & Laura Hecht

E. Dummerston, VT

(802) 380-2671

Vegetables, plant starts, raw honey

Mary Ellen and Ed Henry

East Dover, VT

(802) 289-2979

High Goose Farm grows organic black currants, gooseberries, elderberries and blueberries. At the market, we sell black currant drinks, shave ice, syrups, jams, vinegar and salad dressing.

Howard Prussack

Putney, VT

(802) 387-6050

Herbs, plants, hanging baskets, perennials, pumpkins, tomatoes, fruits and some veggies

Taylor Acquaviva

Putney, VT

(802) 387-4412

Vegetables, cheese, maple products, canned goods, grass fed beef, pastured pork and pastured whole chickens and eggs, 100% grass produced fresh and aged cheese

Marisa, Reed, and Kathy Miller

Putney, VT 

(802) 387-4052


Vegetables, fruits, herbs

Jonah Mossberg

Brattleboro, VT

(510) 314-9644

Farm goods and produce

Clai Lasher-Sommers

Westmoreland, NH

(518) 929-6619

Farm goods and produce

Mike Collins

Putney, VT

(802) 722 9047


Hanna Jenkins and Andy Loughney

Guilford, VT

(802) 258-8902

Flowers & floral wreaths

Alex Major

Westminster West, VT

(802) 387-4473

Joseph Hartmann

Westminster, VT

(917) 642-9268


John Richardson

Putney, VT

(802) 451-9479


Vegetables, herbs, flowers, braided garlic and onions, dried wreaths, pickles, soups

Emily Amanna

Athens, VT

(802) 344-0028

Grass-fed lamb and beef, pastured pork, seven varieties of hardneck garlic, fresh veggies

Susie Parke-Sutherland and Olivia Pettengill

Hinsdale, NH

Eggs, meat, produce, and flowers

Cathi Wilken & Lisa Barry

Guilford, VT

(802) 254-6545

Lambskins and rugs; fleece/wool products; maple products, vegetables & fruit

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Prepared & Specialty Foods Vendors

Breakfast and lunch foods prepared at the market, such as delicious Thai food, vegetarian Indian, and more...


Syla Sengaloun

Brattleboro VT

(802) 257-1376

Thai food

Ben James and Andy Loughney

Brattleboro, VT

(802) 251-0599


CBD products

Sarah Schuldenfrei

West Townshend, VT

(610) 368-3445

Artisan breads from locally sourced organic ingredients naturally leavened and wood fired in West Townshend, Vermont

Downtown Market Only

Cai Xi  and Adam Silver

Brattleboro, VT 

(802) 257-7898

Chinese dim sum, vegan and gluten-free



(802) 258-2575

Baguettes and breads