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Johanna Gardner

Johanna—a.k.a. Madame Jo— has been making crêpes since her days as a college student in Nice, France. After preparing weekly crêpe feasts for her children and their friends over the course of 20+ years, she started selling these delicious treats at the Brattleboro and Londonderry Farmer’s Markets, much to the delight of both tourists and hungry Vermonters.

Crêpes, a Bretagne treat dating back to the 13th century, have spoiled French children and smeared the faces of Paris’ tourists for as long as anyone can remember. Madame Jo’s crêpes honor the best of the traditional French culinary styles while marrying them with distinctive local flavors like Grafton cheddar cheese and homegrown garden greens.

Madame Jo's Creperie

PO Box 242, Newfane VT 05346
Madame Jo's Creperie
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Madame Jo's Creperie
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