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Susie Parke-Sutherland and Olivia Pettengill

Wingate Farm (Full Hearts LLP) is the farm-child of Olivia Pettengill and Susie Parke-Sutherland, partners in agricultural adventures since 2014. We provide eggs from organically-fed hens to CSA members of Picadilly Farm and Red Fire Farm in the greater-Boston area, and to local food co-ops in the fall and winter. We raise GMO-free chicken as well, for sale on the farm and at farmers' markets. We also sell produce to area restaurants and at our area farmers' markets.

Wingate Farm operates on our belief in the importance of contributing to a sustainable, locally-based food system. We offer free-range eggs from hens fed organic grain, pasture-raised non-GMO chicken and pork, and produce grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides.

Wingate Farm

941 Northfield Rd., Hinsdale, NH
Wingate Farm
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Wingate Farm
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