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High Meadows Farm

Howard Prussack

Located on 65 acres in the hills of Southern Vermont, amidst the fresh air, fertile soils and drawing on pristine, mineral rich water from our own deep wells, High Meadows Farm and Greenhouses is Vermont’s oldest certified organic farm. We offer highest quality produce, perennials, flowers and hanging baskets as well as an array of vegetable starts, including heirloom tomatoes and some of the harder-to-find vegetable starts. We proudly specialize in growing organic potted herbs year round and our herbs are found in stores throughout New England.

High Meadows farm is a farm of rolling hills, fertile soils, surrounded by oak and maple woodlands. Situated just a short drive from the center of Putney, VT, we are Vermont’s oldest certified organic Farm. We have been providing the community and greater New England with premium organic vegetables and potted plant plants since 1979.

High altitude, cool evenings and mineral rich soils are key to high meadows sweet nutrient rich vegetables. This land has been used for farming as far back as the 1700s when it was once part of the historic Ranney family farm—the first settlers in this town. Prior to its purchase in 1979, the farm was primarily run as a dairy farm.

Four and a half miles from the center of Putney, VT, High Meadows farm is located just adjacent to the site where NOFA VT was founded. NOFA’s 40th year celebration was held in our barn!

High Meadows Farm

742 Westminster West Rd., Putney, VT 05346
High Meadows Farm
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