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True North Granola

Franklin and Ingrid Chrisco

It is the careful selection of high quality, healthy ingredients that sets True North Granola apart from other granola brands you find on the shelf. Our mission is to create the finest granola available to those who seek to eat healthy foods. We do this by using only non GMO ingredients of the highest quality, natural or organic ingredients, Vermont-made when possible, and by lovingly assembling and baking our each of our unique products to a crunchy perfection.

Finding the best quality ingredients is an ongoing and critically important endeavor. We use all-natural or organic ingredients in our products, and will pay more for organic and unprocessed, non GMO, in order to meet our mission of providing healthy and quality products. We do not use chemicals or additives in any of any of our products, and especially do not use sulfur in our dried fruits.

We aim to make our customers happy, and to entice those who try our granola to say freely and with passion, “This is the best granola I’ve ever had.”

True North Granola

74 Cotton Mill Hill, Unit A126
True North Granola
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