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Alpine Glo Farm

Rachel & Andy Ware
91 Clark Street Westminster, VT
(802) 463-2018

Alpine Glo Farm is a small first generation family farm located in Westminster, Vt. Our primary focus is the farmstead goat dairy where we make a full line of fresh soft goat cheeses. Every step of the farming and cheese making process is done on farm and is a true labor of love.

On the farm side this includes everything from breeding, birthing, bottle feeding, raising, and retiring the goats on farm, as well as all the daily aspects of a farm including cleaning, milking, maintenance, veterinary care, you name it! The farm is run primarily by Rachel, with a little help from the rest of the family(we do not have any employees).

Twice a week fresh cheese is made using the goats milk produced solely from our own goats. All of the cheese is handcrafted and made in small batches. Small batches and minimal processing allow us to produce a higher quality cheese than mass produced products.

In an effort to stay sustainable, the goal has been to stay small. This allows the land to repair, avoids overcrowding in the barn, and makes for happier, healthier goats. All of our animals are treated like family members. Without them, this business wouldn’t exist. They are treated respectfully, humanely, and as equal co-workers. Each goat not only has a name, but a distinct personality! This is what makes working with them each day such a joy.

We have a small sales shack at the farm where you can purchase our cheeses, as well as our goats milk caramel sauce. Can’t make it to the farm? Be sure to visit us at a local farmers market, or purchase AlpineGlo Farm cheeses at your local Co-op or cheese shop. Thank you for choosing to support your local farmer!

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