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Bravo Botanicals

Ben James and Andy Loughney
Brattleboro, VT
(802) 251-0599

Bravo Botanicals is dedicated to crafting premium, organic, full spectrum CBD products at affordable prices. Bravo CBD comes from organically grown high-CBD hemp plants which are processed in Vermont using efficient CO2 extraction methods.  Bravo uses only organic ingredients to create its CBD Drops, CBD Coconut Oil, and CBD Shea Cream. Be sure to check out our delicious CBD treats as well!


Bravo is currently in its third year of organic hemp cultivation in Guilford, Vermont.  High quality hemp genetics, biologically active compost tea, and carefully chosen companion plantings combine for a synergistic effect that energizes the soil, the plants, the people, and the planet.  Bravo uses both sub- and super-critical CO2 extraction which preserves the integrity of the plant's terpenes and canabinoids.


With its pure, full spectrum CBD extract and dedication to educating and serving customers, Bravo has become a trusted source in Vermont’s CBD market and honors its responsibility to create the highest quality Made in Vermont CBD products.


Bravo is excited to be part of the Brattleboro Farmers Market. Bravo products are also popular in natural food stores and specialty hemp shops throughout New England and beyond. Bravo CBD is always lab tested to provide accurate and effective servings (all lab tests are online). Go to for more information.


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