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Brattleboro Area Farmers' Market
Market Manager Job Description



The Brattleboro Area Farmers’ Market (BAFM) is a member-run organization that is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of vendors and managed by the BAFM Market Manager. The BAFM Board of Directors employs and supervises the Market Manager, as well as a manager’s assistant. 


The Market Manager is a part-time job averaging 18-20 hours per week for 31 weeks (roughly from early April through the end of October) and 5-12 hours per week for 21 weeks (roughly from early November through the end of March) . A yearly salary is paid in monthly amounts as agreed on by the Board and the Manager. Worker’s compensation, employer’s Social Security, and Medicare share are paid by the BAFM.


The Manager’s duties include, but are not limited to, the following:


1. . Serve as the primary point of contact and communicate in a timely manner with members of the public, new and returning vendors, the BAFM Board, and state agency officials on a year-round basis. Specifically,


  • Check post office box and distribute mail weekly.

  • Send emails and mailings to vendors relating to the application packet, committee sign-ups, jury, Site Day, weekly market-season memos, Board meeting minutes, work hours tasks, the annual meeting, and any other market business.

  • Serve as the market representative for community, state, and national groups as directed by the Board, such as the Northeast Organic Farmers’ Association (NOFA) and the Vermont Farmers’ Market Association (VTFMA).

  • Attend meetings and events directly related to the BAFM as approved by the board.

  • Compile and maintain a customer email list.

  • Ensure that BAFM social media and the website are updated regularly, whether by vendors or the Market Manager.

  • Set up Zoom meetings for the Board and BAFM committees.

  • Participate in all Board meetings and submit monthly written reports to the Board at least 48 hours before the meetings.

  • Keep abreast of BAFM grant opportunities.


2.  Facilitate the effective operation of the Saturday market during its season from the beginning of May to the end of October. Specifically,


  • Be present at market site from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM on Saturdays or as needed.

  • Ensure that the necessary equipment for EBT & other card processing is charged and functional for use at the manager’s booth, and process card transactions during market hours in tandem with the assistant.

  • Prepare materials for each market day, including signage, commission slips, data tracking forms, musician payment forms, walker/biker cards, and any others as needed.

  • Circulate among vendors to assure compliance with market rules and report problems to the board.

  • Ensure that vendor work hours jobs are being completed.

  • Monitor parking lots as necessary and troubleshoot problems.

  • Orient all new vendors to market procedures and rules.

  • Ensure musicians are paid each day. 

  • Be responsible for ensuring that the market is clean and the site is secured by taking care of trash, signs, locking the shed and porta pottis, turning the water on and off, and other duties as necessary.

  • Schedule daily vendors to fill open spaces each week

  • Coordinate and promote Kids’ Days.

  • Schedule non-profit organizations that wish to table at the market.

  • Manage EBT-related incentive programs, including promotion, distribution, and reporting, in collaboration with NOFA or other managing agencies.

  • Serve as the coordinator for the Farm to Family program.

  • Purchase, sell, and keep records of promotional materials such as tote bags.

  • Collect vendor commissions; count market tokens, coupons, and cash; make bank deposits; enter all data, including sales and deposit totals, in a Google spreadsheet each week.

  • Track unpaid and underpaid commissions and site payments and communicate problems relating to payments to the Bookkeeper and/or Treasurer.

  • Serve as a member of marketing committee and implement the board-approved advertising plan, plus promote special events.

  • Keep the Board abreast of issues relating to vendors and other market business.


3.  Participate in the season’s preparatory work and closure in conjunction with the Board. Specifically,


  • Prepare and distribute the Annual Meeting report as directed by the board.

  • Email and/or mail any announcements relating to the Annual Meeting to the membership.

  • Perform logistical tasks related to the Annual Meeting, such as reserving a room, scheduling and facilitating a Zoom meeting, providing supplies needed for in-person meetings, etc.

  • Facilitate committee sign-ups and communicate committee-related information to the membership.

  • Prepare drafts of the application, calendar, Rules appendices, and other parts of the application packet as needed for the Board to review.

  • Send application packet to members.

  • Solicit and communicate with prospective new vendors and arrange for any related meetings.

  • Collect all applications and make copies available to the Reserved Site and Jury committees.

  • Track payments and footage requests in a Google spreadsheet, in coordination with the Bookkeeper and/or Treasurer.

  • Facilitate vendor participation in the pre-season market jury and be present at the beginning and end of the jury.

  • Schedule musicians and arrange for mowing, port-a-potties, dumpsters, water turn-on, and other tasks as needed for the upcoming market year. Arrange for removal of dumpsters and port-o-potties and water shut-off at close of season.

  • Help coordinate and attend Site Day.

  • Ensure booths are removed from the site and vendor work hours forms are submitted by the required deadlines at the close of the season, and communicate with the Treasurer and Bookkeeper about related deposits and fees. 

  • Prepare any final reporting necessary for programs such as Farm to Family and Crop Cash.

The Market Manager receives two paid Saturdays off per season. The salary is $17,000 per year.

Please send resume and questions to

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