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What's new at the market with Micah Ranquist

Hello again Brattleboro area farmers market fans!

Your friendly foodcourt-end massage therapist Micah Ranquist here. This summer season has absolutely flown by! It seems like just a couple of weeks ago a bunch of us vendors were cleaning up the property one chilly mid-April day.

I’ve got a few questions for all of you. Feel free to email your answers to our new market manager or stop by my booth, say hello and answer a few of these in person.

How many times have you visited the market this year?

Do you mostly buy food to cook at home, or do you come for the prepared foods?

How often do you stay for the music?

Personally, I appreciate the diversity that this particular market offers. I can show up every week and go back home every week with something different and occasionally some things that I’ve never even seen before! I went home with something called a “lemon cucumber” last week from Lost Barn Farm.

Here’s a short list of things that vendors tell me are either coming in right now, or are coming very soon to the market. We all encourage you to stop in and ask about them and perhaps even discover something new!

Vermont Shepherd Farm has sheep‘s milk, ricotta cheese coming soon… Many apologies as there was a technical issue that delayed its arrival at market.

Old Athens Farm has their very popular ginger coming to market shortly.

Taylor Farm Hemp Company has rainbow, tie-dyed clothing on the way.

Wild Shepherd Farm has tomatillos and sweet peppers emerging.

Springs Farm has red, white and yellow onions a’plenty!

Lost Barn Farm, remember them with the lemon cucumber? Well, they have lots of okra to offer. With a little pork shoulder from one place, some kielbasa from another and garlic, peppers and onions all over… I think I might feel a gumbo coming on!

Sweet Pickins Farm has a pretty interesting product that I bet you’ve never tried… Duck fat caramel sauce!

Last, but certainly not least on my update list is from one of our craft vendors. I must admit it had never crossed my mind that they may have differing products throughout the season.

Jill, from Quiet North reached out to share a little bit about candle scents, wax melts and room sprays that she is offering starting right now at the beginning of September:

autumn in the air (cinnamon leaf, bergamot, frankincense)

cozy in the cabin (cedarwood, nutmeg, patchouli)

lost in the woods (pine needle, cedarwood, anise)

coffee on a chilly morning (coffee, cedar, Peru balsam) that’s it for this issue.

Stop by and say hello on Saturday.

Keep on staying strong Brattleboro!


Micah Ranquist

Brattleboro Bodyworks

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