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Riversong Farm

Juliette Carr
569 Dover Road
S. Newfane, VT
(802) 365-0251

Riversong Farm is a small woman-owned farm focused on raising pastured heritage meats with an emphasis on stewardship, respect, and living the good life here in our bucolic corner of Southern Vermont.  Our chemical-free & uncertified organic products include ethical Farm-to-Table charcuterie and rotationally grazed meats including pork, lamb, veal, chicken, and turkey.  Our livestock experience the highest standard of living and the healthiest diets.  Each animal raised on our farm lives a life full of experiences true to its nature, from piglets learning to root from their mothers, to chickens arguing over bugs in the orchard.  No antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals of any kind are used in our stewardship practices.  We are also proud to be the home of the Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine, and offer fresh herbs and medicinal plants in season. 

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