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Rosie’s Wonders Connection Cards

Rosalie Schulick
Brattleboro, VT
(802) 380-3638

It is hard to say when I began to draw. As a child, each day would present itself to me as a brand new illustrated fantasy. I embraced figures of animals and people alike and often placed them in relationship, since the joining of the two has always been the most precious for me. I would delight in those fleeting moments of connection: the touch of a pup sniffing my fingertips and gazing into my eyes, a bird forgetting fear and perching to feed from my outreached hand, or a chipmunk scooting around my feet collecting seeds. In instances such as these, there is a magical opening of space, silence and simplicity that is suddenly brought to unity and shared. This is what I was most drawn to, perhaps somewhat subconsciously when younger, and now consciously and passionately as it is this pure quality of experience and sharing that most influences my artwork. Moments of excitement, connection, humor, joy and as I grew and experienced, grief and sorrow too. Animals portray a welcoming and complete willingness to experience life in all its stages. I’ve always found this contagious.

I attended the Putney School in Putney, Vermont for my high school education and gratefully embarked in their in-depth art program. While navigating through their intense academic curriculum, I found my hours in their expansive art studios so rejuvenating and nurturing that I chose to devote my future education wholly to the arts. In 2004 I enrolled in Bennington College, a perfect fit for me, as it enabled me to create my own curriculum and set the stage for my future artistic endeavors. I dived into painting, fibers, ceramics and drawing along with some modern dance, drama and poetry to offset! My love for color, form and the relationship of the two were thoroughly nourished and I graduated Bennington with a plethora of new knowledge, eager to be expressed in the world. Hence, Rosie’s Wonders.

Today I take direction and inspiration from the color and bounty of Vermont life, my true and enduring home. I aspire with each card to manifest and animate life’s most spirited moments, again often turning to the animal-human relationship. Foremost, I strive to deliver a message of hope, comfort and delight and always, an opportunity for connection.

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