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Jessica and Michael Kull

Since 2010 we have seen our customers coming back again and again for the scrumptious taste of our artisan gelato. Our gelato is made with fresh, local, natural and organic ingredients and our milk is always from Vermont cows.

We are licensed by the Vermont Dairy Department as a "Milk Handler" which means we manufacture our gelato from scratch with a pasteurizer that meets Federal Standards. In our Brattleboro Vt. production facility, each batch of gelato is made from our own recipe with Vermont milk and heavy cream, sugar and organic ingredients from our farmers with no artificial flavors or chemicals. And no GMOs.

As our customer base has grown, so has our reputation with some of the great restaurants in Brattleboro and the surrounding areas with whom we've developed a winning relationship. So come see us at one of our locations or sample our wonderful gelato at a local restaurant or store. Our retail business is expanding rapidly and our pints are available at more and more stores. Buy a pint of Vermont Gelato and we know you'll come back for more. and more...and more...

Vermont Gelato Co.

74 Cotton Mill Hill, Suite A123 Box B13, Brattleboro, VT 05301
Vermont Gelato Co.
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Vermont Gelato Co.
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