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What to get excited about for second half of the season

Hello again Brattleboro Area Farmers Market enthusiasts!

So much love and appreciation goes out to the farmers this week. Even with all of the rain and flooding there was a pretty good turn out for the market.

I took some time to stop in and chat with a few vendors with one particular question in mind.

What can shoppers look forward to in the next few weeks?”

Here’s just a short list for us all to get excited about!

Jason with Sweet Pickins Farm told me that he has plans for a Duck Chorizo. It will be a Mexican style loose chorizo rather than a Spanish style cured sausage in a casing. Personally, I’m a sausage kind of person and have been impressed with his creations so far!

“Intentional choices. Exceptional cheese” says Rachel with Parish Hill Creamery and this cheese lover adoringly agrees! New on deck from these experts is a cheese called “Humble” This simple soft wedge should be intentionally spelled with a lower case letter “h” as it is brilliantly unassuming. The other new cheese on the block is a limited time offer that really lives up to its name; “Galactic!” I hope Rachel chooses to include the exclamation mark as part of the name of this cheese because that is the most accurate way I can think to represent my response to tasting this gem. Wow!

Farmer Lisa with Sweet Sheep is planning on bringing out the big guns again soon with her Maple Balsalmic Berry Mustard. Her maple mustard vinaigrette is already legendary in my mind, so I’m beyond eager to give this mustard a try!

Emily with Wild Shepard Farm had the most elegantly concise response to my interview question about what we can expect soon: “Garlic! Garlic! Garlic!”

This interviewers personal favorite called German Red will not be ready for a little while yet though.

Springs Farm fresh in from the other side of the country has some really terrific cauliflower that recently got harvested. They have an impressive array of offerings considering this is their first season farming here in southern Vermont. I’m told to look forward to zucchini, summer squash, myriad fresh flowers and herbs along with tomatoes.

High Meadow Farm always manages an impressive bounty.They’ve got potatoes available now. Their fresh potted herbs have been on sale for a couple of weeks . As an apartment dweller with a green thumb whom also loves to cook, I’ve taken full advantage of the potted herbs! Squash and tomatoes becoming even more available soon!

A mere fifteen steps into the market will quickly reveal a plethora of vendors that are not farmers; yours truly included in this revelation. I stopped in to chat with Roz at Naturally Friendly Soaps to inquire about new offerings. She’s planning a calendula soap soon and I’m personally excited! Calendula is an herb that supports skin health and the lymphatic drainage system of the body.

I hope this little entry into the annals of BAFM history finds each of you well and contented!

Happy Shopping!

Micah Ranquist

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